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  • Be thin and be protective. Ultra-thin aluminum frame with soft lining for substantial protection. 
  • Impact shock protectors. The airbag at each corner provides impact shock protection. Minimize impact shock in case of an accidental drop.
  • Raised design for enhanced protection. Raised edges and camera lip for full protection care. Comfortable gripping. Ultra-thin and sharply outlined frames bring comfortable gripping. 
  • Hard outside and soft inside. Hard bumper with soft lining for inside and outside protection.
  • Patented lock mechanism. Slide the patented lock to open and close the bumper easily.
  • Signal cared for and ensured. Signal holes are designed to ensure signal strength.
  • Unique luminescent design. Luminescent airbags are protective while attractive.
  • Excellent heat dissipation. Unobstructed heat dissipation uncompromised phone performance.


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